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Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« en: 28 de Febrero de 2017, 00:24:24 »
Pues esta noche estaba Matt Sherman por el #general del Spectrum, y unos cuantos le hemos interrogado a fondo. Os copio todas las frases que ha escrito. Puede ser algo confuso de seguir sin el contexto del Spectrum, aunque tampoco ayuda mucho tener a 200 personas más escribiendo en conversaciones paralelas chorradas varias e imágenes de My Little Ponny. En general no hay nada realmente nuevo, pero está genial para ponerse al día con las directrices de ambas naves.
He puesto algunas aclaraciones entre paréntesis sobre las preguntas a las que respondía en ese momento.
27/02/2017 22:30
Cutlass is going to have the lift-seats.
Though if you're concerned that the seats will take forever, the timing on the enter/exit is being setup fairly close to the timing on the Herald pilot enter/exit.
So it's not going to be some artificially dragged out sequence.
I'll end up working on all the variants, but the Red and Blue are going to be setup after the rework of the Cutlass Black is completed.
Cutlass did grow in size. Most of its role is intact, though its combat-viability has been much more focused around raiding/attacking mid-sized ships, and not as a direct-compete to more single-seat dogfighter craft.
The Buccaneer's S4 mount was relocated from the belly to the spine to make sure it had proper clearance for the various weapon-combinations it can field.
Not sure on any jerk-values for the rework, actually waiting for a few flight-updates that'll be worked into the Buccaneer that I need to see how they pan out before adapting that towards the Cutlass.
But both Buccaneer and Cutlass will be sharing a fairly different thruster-placement methodology from a lot of our other ships.
Just the Buccaneer alone, like 4x the number of Maneuvering thrusters compared to any other fighter.
Though a smaller size thruster, but it gives more immediate, full-axis coverage for thrust to be applied.
Ya, like the Buccaneer can lose both wings and won't lose any maneuvering capability, you'd have to fully lose a side-engine or start taking hits to the body before your mav's start getting knocked out.
Ideally more agile than a Gladius, but with the catch that you will not want to try and be fighting at 100% thrust all the time.
Trying to give the ship enough immediate power that you can make the reactive-movements needed, but also enough surplus handling that if you get too greedy with your flight, you will black/redout.
Full energy (weapons) Buccaneer would be more pushing things. It'd be doable, but if you're trying to alpha-strike-only-ever, you'll run into throughput issues.
The docking-collar setup is removed, that old iteration would have had too many complications for viable gameplay.
But part of why we added the double-side doors for immediate deployment, and we're adding some other kit for the ship to be able to properly support a boarding party.
Here's the thing with a notion of a docking-collar in terms of what the game needs for that to play nice: Both ships have to be/remain completely stationary.
Now, for a ship pulling up to a spaceport, it's viable, but in a combat scenario, when you cannot control when your target would regain control/propulsion, it was too volitile to keep supporting.
So we're pushing towards other gameplay methods to still deliver on quick, mobile boarding actions, but with a more situationally viable system.
The original plan on the docking collar stuff was needing both ships to be stationary. In terms of long-term stuff for other ships I can't really say, since it was specifically with the Cutlass that the collar had been present but is now removed in the rework.
But in terms of a in-combat-docking-collar, that's probably not a thing anymore.
There's a few things we're exploring for EVA-assist with boarding, but can't give any details yet since still vetting out which ideas would actually be workable.
The core hud panels are lower-center on the Buccaneer, though your annunciator warnings are along the top-bar.
You'll have 2 basic support-readouts on the left/right with radar in the middle, then your more detailed/interactive MFD's are out of resting-forward view, just below each support screen.
We are actually looking into basically a blast-hatch on the Cutlass rework. It wouldn't be an ejection system, but something to let you detach the front canopy. That most likely will not be a thing once the initial rework of the Cutlass Black wraps, but something we're keeping in mind once we have room pressurization/decomp all functional.
The high-level idea would be someone could detach the canopy, but the pilot could still be flying the ship. If you've ever seen the older movie Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones, thing along those lines a bit.
(Does the Bucc still have that sweet side-opening canopy?)Ya, Buccaneer still has a the same kind of entry-hatch, but it'd be on the left side of the ship, not the right-side like the concept art showed.
That's more to make sure it works correctly with our other ship entry/exit metrics.
Nope, you'd still just be getting out of the seat normally, it wouldn't carry over any sort of ejection-seat functionality.
Eh, Buccaneer only needs its wings as gun-mounts. If you're just going point A to B, you don't need them.
All the thrusters are along the body/engines.
The outer-wingtip placement for some of the guns stopped working once we got a more normalized-mounting plate size setup on weapons and started moving that cleanup into the ships.
We still got it as close to the outer-edge for the Buccaneers placement as possible though.
Not going to speculate on possible turret-kit options. There definitely will some in the long-run, but enough of those potential options are also in that 'vetting for viability' phase.
You will have armor lockers/weapon racks to gear up to the specific task needed with the Cutlass rework.
Not sharing the missile spec for the rework just yet, but it'll have a good number of options with all the various launchers that rolled out with 2.6.0.
The cowlings for the rework are more the fun of imperfect-information, where the intent is someone in a fight with a Cutlass won't be able to know exactly what their ordnance capability is from a glance at all.
(I noticed teh forward tractor beams on the Cutlass have joints, are they able to bend in a particular direction?)The front-mounts may still be getting some work in their shape. Overall, unlikely, since that kind of exposed, detailed geometery animating actually eats a lot of performance in-game.
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Re:Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« Respuesta #1 en: 28 de Febrero de 2017, 00:31:02 »
Gracias tío por el trabajo
"En tiempos de tiranía e injusticia, cuando la ley oprime al pueblo, el bandolero ocupa su lugar en la historia".


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Re:Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« Respuesta #2 en: 28 de Febrero de 2017, 21:35:10 »
Muchas gracias por ese currazo!


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Re:Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« Respuesta #3 en: 01 de Marzo de 2017, 23:54:00 »
¡Y otra noche más! Esta vez ha comentado cositas de los rayos tractores principalmente, además de mencionar otra vez el escudo atmosférico de la rampa trasera de la Cutlass

CIG Matt Sherman@CIG_M_Sherman 11:05 1/03/2017
The S4 hardpoint was just as a base hardpoint. There still will be some other mount-options in the future for different weapon configurations beyond a single S4 though.
There's a handful of options we're looking at, but can't give specifics since they're not all sure-things currently.
Though just as a baseline, since someone had also phrased it as an auto-turret, it will not be auto-aiming ever at anything.
In terms of hard-tethering 2 ships together, not really. That became very problematic, and would lead to what I liked to call 'Executive Descision deaths' in the event one ship started to move while the other was docked.
For the specific case of the Cutlass though, part of why we added the Atmo-Shield to the rear-ramp was for making sure those other role-centric actions, like bringing wounded on board, would still be something viable to perform. The tradeoff now is if you need to move them through a vaccum, you may need some other equipment to seal them off, but you'll be able to bring them into the ship in-space without venting the rear compartment.
The idea may be cool, but the amount of work needed to support said idea is where things lose in the grand cost-benefit analysis of things.
It's part of why we're pushing more towards EVA-driven boarding vs collar-tether boarding.
We don't have to be as heavy-handed with solutions to accomodate things.
Any ship could haul a body in a can, sure, but not every ship will have the facilities to open the can and make sure the person inside doesn't die.
Any sort of breach-points will most likely be more controlled locations, so things like existing doors/hatches/etc.
It won't be anywhere-you-want deformation/cutting of the ships.
Stabilizing wrecks is the big intention for the front-mount tractor beams on the Cutlass rework.
2 smaller ones up front to stabilize a target, and a larger one in the back for pulling things into the hold.
If someone has full propulsion/thrust available, don't expect to pin them with a tractor beam.
Think of them more as a field-effect than any sort of point/target-tether. If your target moves out of the field, they're fine, and a single beam is not able to lock down motion on all axis simultaneously.
Oh ya, tractor beams are not going to be some fire-forget thing.
High-level concept, ya, if you can position enough ships with strong enough tractor beams around all viable axis of movement for a target, you could pin it down. No single ship is going to be setup to really accomodate that though.
We've talked about some notion of tug-pulling a ship, but do not expect it to be a fast process, more specifically, don't expect to be allowed to use Afterburner let alone Quantum Travel while pulling something.

También he pillado a Calix Reneau hablando de los escudos, os lo dejo por aquí que es igualmente interesante
the shield system mitigates damage relative to the health of the shield
the greater the health of the shield, the less damage done to the shield
this means that each shot improves damage against the shield
and that pushing shield health into that side of the shield will improve the performance of the shield versus incoming damage
it is for this reason that a shield that is perfectly managed against incoming damage can perform an order of magnitude beyond a shield that is left at default distribution
and even normalizing shield health across the ship does not arrive at an optimal solution
an M50 should not present a credible threat to a capital ship, but I disagree that it should be invulnerable - being able to casually ignore threats vs having situations where a ship was not a threat before but could be now
shield stun is no longer a flat tax
negligible until ignored
the extreme example of m50 vs idris really strains the imagination
It won't be a realistic strategy
but it will be mathematically possible
the way the stun works is that shield recharge is an accelerating value
and stun drops that acceleration down
this stun is proportional to damage
so the m50 would struggle to even fully stun the shield regeneration
A hornet against a hornet will drop stun the recharge to zero
and it will instantly start to ramp up again
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Re:Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« Respuesta #4 en: 02 de Marzo de 2017, 00:36:10 »
Gracias tío, muy interesante.
"En tiempos de tiranía e injusticia, cuando la ley oprime al pueblo, el bandolero ocupa su lugar en la historia".


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Re:Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« Respuesta #5 en: 03 de Marzo de 2017, 06:00:12 »
Me da miedo usar el traductor de google xD


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Re:Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« Respuesta #6 en: 03 de Marzo de 2017, 12:51:03 »
He traducido la parte de la Cutlass:

- Los asientos de la Cutlass serán con ascensor, y el tiempo de acceso/salida es muy similar al de la Herald.

- La Cutlass ha crecido en tamaño. La mayoría de sus roles siguen intactos, su viabilidad en combate está mucho más centrada en naves de tamaño medio, y no tanto en competir con naves monoplaza.

- El anillo de atraque ha desaparecido, esta mecánica tenía muchas complicaciones para un juego viable. A cambio hemos puesto unas puertas dobles laterales, y además estamos desarrollando otros kits para hacer la nave más viable en ese sentido, para dar soporte a los abordajes.

- Sobre la eyección, la Cutlass no tendrá asientos eyectables, pero están estudiando un sistema que permita separar la cúpula del cockpit.

Seguramente no esté para el rework inicial, pero lo tenemos en mente para cuando tengamos presurización/descompresión funcional.

La idea es poder soltar la cúpula, y poder seguir pilotando.

- No puedo revelar datos sobre los misiles, pero tendrá muchas opciones con el nuevo sistema que hemos sacado con la 2.6.0

- Lo guapo de luchar con una Cutlass, es que no sabrás cual será su capacidad de combate hasta que te enfrentes a ella, ya que admite muchas modificaciones y customizaciones para diferentes roles.

- Añadimos un escudo-atmosférico a la parte trasera, para poder desempeñar varios roles, como traer a bordo a heridos. El tema es que si necesitas moverlo del vacío, necesitarás otro equipo para sellarlo, pero podrás traerlo a la nave sin ventilar la parte trasera.

Cualquier nave puede coger un cuerpo, pero no todas las naves tendrán las facilidades para abrir la compuerta y que las personas de dentro no mueran.

- Se necesitan 2 pequeños rayos tractores para estabilizar al objetivo, uno sólo no es suficiente, y con el grande lo atraes a la nave.

Olvidaos de usar la velocidad quantum usando el rayo tractor.



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Re:Una noche con Matt Sherman [Info fresca de Cutlass y Buccaneer]
« Respuesta #7 en: 03 de Marzo de 2017, 14:21:14 »
Gracías por ponerlo Iligur y Rioku por traducirlo.

Veremos a ver como quedan los ascensores de asiento, hasta verlo no aseguro quedarme con la Cutlass o upgradearla.

Con los elevadores hubo un problema, hace ya años en un curso de mecanica, a uno le dío por empezar a trastear con el elevador de los coches, empezó elevador pa arriba, elevador pa bajo hasta que hizo Ploff y se estropeo....
Ya lo dijo Cervantes gente del espacío profundo es gente ignorante, que ademas no saben contar piñas.